Dr. Bonnie Schnitta founded SoundSense as South Fork Technological Consultants (SFTC) in 1981. As the company grew, Dr. Bonnie saw the consumer need for accountability, quality control, and customer care within the field. Providing a design that would work theoretically wasn’t enough for the real world applications she encountered. It was out of this necessity that SoundSense was born. In September 2000, SFTC became SoundSense and expanded beyond design and consulting to include a full line of acoustic materials and installation services.

To ensure that all of SoundSense’s work would meet her high engineering and aesthetic standards, Dr. Bonnie developed a line of products and acoustic materials that are both lab tested and field-tested to afford the highest quality control for every design. Our handpicked installations crews have become top-level installers using our proprietary testing methodology, which is based on years of field experience.