patrick murray

senior acoustic consultant

Patrick Murray, Ph.D. has areas of expertise which include architectural acoustics, interior room acoustics, acoustic testing and noise monitoring, acoustic separation, vibration, and HVAC noise control. His combination of skills (architecture, mathematics, and technology) is a strong asset to SoundSense and assists the company in developing solutions that are innovative and valuable.

Patrick has contributed to a variety of different projects including:

  • Upper East Side Townhouse, NYC
  • 57th Street, NYC
  • Midtown Manhattan Nightclub, NYC
  • Union Square Skyscraper Condominium, NYC
  • Metamaterials for Acoustic Cloaking, Office of Naval Research
  • High-speed Train Aeroacoustics, Japan Railway

Prior to joining SoundSense, he was a Senior Acoustic Consultant at SH Acoustics, a Mechanical Engineer at KLH Engineers and WSP, and a Project Engineer at Thornton Tomasetti.

Patrick received his Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Mathematics from the University of Keele in Staffordshire, England; his doctoral research focused on thermo-acoustics. He received his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineer and Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Boston University; his master’s research focused on aeroacoustics. In his free time, he enjoys traveling and studying new cultures and languages.