Ray DeSalvo

project engineer

Ray DeSalvo joined SoundSense LLC in 2023 as a Project Engineer after honing a number of skills across the acoustic, electronics, construction, and maintenance industries. His primary role at SoundSense is to oversee the end-to-end process of acoustic consultations, designs, and the integration of solutions in order to provide clients with results that align with their goals and budgets. Ray’s ability to clearly communicate complex construction ideas while understanding client priorities helps to ensure all project ideas and objectives are achieved with clarity and precision for all parties involved while maintaining a high degree of organization.

Previous projects Ray has played a role in designing, managing, and overseeing construction throughout the course of his professional career in the industry include:

  • Stone Studio, Austerlitz, NY: Acoustic Consultation/Design
  • Full English Post, Brooklyn, NY: Acoustic Consultation/Design
  • Hobo Audio, Manhattan, NY: Acoustic Consultation/Design
  • Splice Studio, Manhattan, NY: Acoustic Consultation/Design/Construction Management
  • 9 Point Studio, Greenwich CT: Acoustic Consultation/Design/Construction Management
  • Black Wings Studio: Brooklyn, NY: Acoustic Consultation/Design/Construction Management
  • Grace Church School: Manhattan, NY: Acoustic Consultation/Design
  • Precision Sound: Manhattan, NY, Technical Drafting/Design
  • Spotify Studios: Manhattan, NY, Acoustic Treatment Fabrication

With a Bachelor’s of Science in Audio System Engineering from SUNY Fredonia, Ray has endlessly followed his passions for acoustics, audio technology, and construction. In his free time, you can find him restoring vintage audio equipment or tackling various woodworking projects.