Trish Kern-Maracz

director of operations

Trish Kern-Maracz joined SoundSense LLC in 2006 as the Director of Marketing. Trish immersed herself into the product line and soon became the Product Specialist at SoundSense. Utilizing her organizational skills and her intimate knowledge of the company’s day to day operations, Trish became the Director of Operations. She created the relational database for the company’s operations and also implemented the systematic organization for it.

Trish’s contributions to the company include managing daily operations and coordinating tasks for projects. She is also responsible for estimating budgets for large scale construction projects and overseeing material sales.

Trish has used her marketing experience to develop and research new products for SoundSense to bring to Market. Her exceptional knowledge of the products, both technically and from a cost perspective, are an asset to SoundSense as she is always looking for the most cost effective way to meet a clients needs and expectations.

Prior to joining SoundSense, Trish worked for Main Street Broadcasting Company based in Sag Harbor, NY. She received a Bachelor’s Degree from Long Island University. Trish enjoys being physically active, reading, cooking, and music.